It’s me picking at a cactus! Hello everyone! My name is Katie, I’m 30 years young and I am the owner of Boho Loot! I'm naturally an introvert but love a good laugh. I consider myself a creative soul with an eye for unique treasures. Ever since I was little I remember scouring the flea markets with my parental units like a vagabond looking for hidden gems. I love anything old, unique or with character. It is fun for me to find these things and I also enjoy  taking photos of them as I also love photography. 

I started this biz back in 2017 after I quit my old job that I was unhappy with (furniture store). Before that job I sold my handmade (and some new) jewelry on Instagram and Etsy as well as some small vintage stuff. At one point I had a lil kiosk at the Carlsbad outlet mall.  When I first started Boho Loot all the loot was in my parents garage (then they kicked me out cuz there was no room to walk), then my dad let me have some space in his warehouse/shop, then I got my own 1K ft warehouse that I had for a lil over a year, then in January of last year (2020) I decided to downsize to a large storage unit. I loved the large warehouse but I could never keep it full (things sell fast!) and was paying for all that extra space so I made the decision to downsize. Also the area it was in was a lil sketchy. I like selling online because it gives me freedom to stop and smell the roses. My logo is my old logo for my jewelry that I had made back in 2012-2013. I used Paint  (im bad a computers lol) to erase my old biz name and then used an app to write Boho Loot. Recently I have decided to add handmade art prints, cards and pillows to the online shop (coming soon, I hope you all will love them as much as I do).  Anyways, happy you are here and thank you for lovin Boho Loot!